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it's good quality of ARTIMETALS products?[ 10-17 11:29 ]
Our PRODUCT have Achieved ISO quality certification, SGS, BSCI; also Passing third party audit from many foreign customers; and Assuring customers with high quality products, on-time.
What industry experience of ARTIMETALS?[ 10-17 11:21 ]
It's very rich industry experience for ARTIMETALS. We are the leading keychain manufactorer in China. and keep Focusing on manufacturing keych-ains over 15 years. and Excellent and experienced team for international trade.
How to Make a Beaded Keychain[ 10-17 11:07 ]
First get any size safety pin. Try to get a normal sized. Second get your favorite color yarn. Third put one end of the yarn into the hole opposite side of the place that opens. then cut about 6 inches (15.2 cm) of string off. Then get 4 regular...
How to Make a Monogrammed Keychain[ 10-17 10:57 ]
1. Buy some small wooden tiles. These are available at craft stores, but you can also use old scrabble tiles. 2. Cut a small letter out of a magazine. You can also stencil a letter onto some decorative paper or use a Cricut machine. 3. Paint a layer of decou...
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