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How to Make a Monogrammed Keychain

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1. Buy some small wooden tiles. These are available at craft stores, but you can also use old scrabble tiles.

2. Cut a small letter out of a magazine. You can also stencil a letter onto some decorative paper or use a Cricut machine.
3. Paint a layer of decoupage glue, such as Mod Podge, onto the side of a wooden tile.
4. Place the monogram letter atop the wet layer of glue. Make sure the right side is up. Allow it to dry according to package directions.
5. Paint 2 or 3 additional layers of glue on top of the letter. Paint very thin coats and allow them to dry completely before adding the next layer.
6. Drill a hole into the top of the wooden block when the tile is dry and no longer tacky. Use a small drill bit, about 3/32 in size. Drill at the top and center of the tile, making sure the hole does not break through the top.
7. Use pliers to force the smaller ring on the key chain loop through the drilled hole. Once your keychain is attached, you can use your keychain.
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