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How to Make a Paper Keychain

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Cut a piece of paper to the desired size. Most commercial keychains are in the shape of a small rectangle or circle. If you are making this keychain as a craft project, you can cut out any image you like, including a photo, a picture from a magazine, a sticker or your own drawing.

Write the necessary information on the keychain, such as the serial number, lot number, room number or other information that you need on your key ring. Note that this will be permanent, so do not include information that is likely to change often. If you are doing this as an art project, decorate your keychain with crayons, markers, stickers or any other decorative items you'd like.
Cut two pieces of transparent contact paper slightly larger than your keychain design. Peel the backing off of the first piece of contact paper and lay it on a flat surface with the sticky side facing up.
Press your keychain design to the contact paper, pressing firmly and smoothing out any air bubbles. Peel the backing off of the second piece of contact paper and apply it to the top of the other piece, so that the two sticky sides come together. Smooth out any air bubbles on both sides and make sure you have a good seal. All parts of the keychain should be contained within the contact paper and adhered to it.
Trim any excess contact paper from your keychain. The keychain will be more durable if you leave at least a 1/8-inch border of contact paper around all sides of your design.
Use a hole punch to create a hole in the top of your keychain. Insert a metal key ring through this hole and attach a key to the metal ring. Your personalized paper keychain is now complete and ready to be used.